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The Malory Project is an electronic edition and commentary of Malory's Morte Darthur (1469-70), with digital facsimiles of the Winchester Manuscript (British Library, Add. MS 59678) and John Rylands Copy of Caxton's first edition. Stage One of the project is focused on the Roman War Episode and Caxton's Book V, which have been the main focus for editors of the Morte Darthur since the re-discovery of the manuscript in 1934.

The images of Winchester were captured by a team of experts in digitization from the HUMI Project, and will be published by courtesy of © The British Library Board. The Caxton images were captured in colour by a digitization team in the John Rylands University Library. The images will be published by courtesy of © The University Librarian and Director, John Rylands University Library, The University of Manchester.

We are planning to add more material to this environment, and scholarly collaboration is welcome. If you are interested in contributing to this associative environment, please contact us.

For further information on the project please read 'About the Project' and 'What We Do'.

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