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Personal and place names in Malory's Morte Darthur have been discussed extensively: Malory's use of minor characters, Malory's sense of geography, Malory's personal and place names in relation to the sources and so on. Discrepancies between Winchester and Caxton in the use of pronouns have also attracted scholarly attention.

There are indexes of Arthurian names Ackerman, An Index of the Arthurian Names in Middle English, and of names and places in the Caxton Malory (Dillon, 'A Dictionary of Names and Places', in Caxton’s Malory.

P. J. C. Field discussed minor names in several articles:

More about minor characters, see for example Wilson, 'Agenda on Malory's Minor Characters' and 'Malory's Naming of Minor Characters'. For the name 'Ascolat', see Takamiya, '"Ascolat" in Winchester'.

For Malory's sense of geography see for example Kelly, 'Malory's "Tale of King Arthur" and the Political Geography of Fifteenth-Century England'; Stewart, 'English Geography'.

This project allows users to search personal and place names and some keywords both in Winchester and Caxton. In the case of Winchester, one can also search them according to the ink colours.

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