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vij. dayes and shaƚƚ͵ calle vnto me my counceyle of͵ my
moste trusty knyghtɤ and deukɤ and Regeaunte kyngɤ
and erlys and barowns and of͵ my moste wyse doctours
¶ And whanʹ we haue takynʹ wolde have ronne on them to have slayne them sayynge that it was a rebuke to alle the knyghtes there beyng present to suffir them to saye so to the kynge And anone the kynge commaunded none of them upon payne of dethe to myssaye them ne do them ony harme oure avysement͵ ye shaƚƚ͵
haue yoᵘʳ answere playnly suche as I shaƚƚ͵ a byde by

Milestone: King Arthur hosts Roman messengers

¶ Than þᵉ noƀƚe kynge cōmaunded Sir Clegis to brynge them to theire lodgynge and to loke
that͵ thes menʹ be seteled and serued wᵗ þᵉ beste þᵗ there be
no deyntes spared vpponʹ them þᵗ noþer chylde nor horse
fauȝt͵ no thynge · ffor they ar fuƚƚ͵ Royaƚƚ͵ pepƚe · And
thouȝe they haue greved me & my courte yet͵ we muste
remembir on oure worshyp · So they were led In to
chambyrs & served as rychely of͵ deyntes þᵗ myght͵ be
gotyn ¶ So þᵉ Romaynes had þere of͵ grete mervayle

Milestone: Knights of Round Table

¶ Than þᵉ noble kynge vnto counsayle called his noƀƚe
lordes and knyghtɤ· And wᵗ In a towre there they assembled þᵉ
moste party of͵ þᵉ knyghtɤ of͵ þᵉ rounde taƀƚe Than þᵉ
kynge cōmaunded hem of͵ theire beste counceyle

Milestone: Sir Cador speaks

¶ Sir seyde Sir Cador of͵ Cornuayle as for me I
am nat͵ hevy of͵ this message for we haue be many
dayes rested us and have ben ydle Now þᵉ lettyrs of͵ Lucius the Emperoure
lykis me weƚƚ͵· ffor now shaƚƚ͵ we haue warre & (&) wor//
shyp ·

Milestone: King Arthur replies

Be Be{ } cryste I leve welle seyde þᵉ kyngʹ sir Cador
this message lykis the but͵ yet͵ they may nat͵ be so An//
swerde for all þeire spytevous speche grevyth͵ so my herte
that͵ truage to roome woƚƚ͵I neuer pay There fore
counceyle me my knyghtɤ for crystɤ love of͵ hevynʹ

Milestone: King Arthurs claim to Empire

¶ ffor this muche haue I founde In þᵉ Cronycles of͵
this londe þᵗ sir Belyne And sir Bryne of͵ my bloode
elders that͵ borne were In Bretayne And they havehath͵
ocupyed þᵉ Empyreship ·viij· score wyntyrs ¶ And aftir
Constantyne oure kynnesman conquerd hit͵ and dame


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